The Ultimate Harry Potter Tour Experience

Embark on a spellbinding journey through the enchanting city of Oxford, a place steeped in academic history and cinematic magic. Oxford, a city renowned for its prestigious university and beautiful architecture, has also become a pilgrimage site for fans of the Harry Potter series. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the wizarding world or simply intrigued by the fusion of historical and cinematic landmarks, Oxford offers a variety of tours that cater to every Potter enthusiast. Let’s explore the magical experiences that await in the heart of this historic city.

Harry Potter Walking Tour of Oxford Including New College

Dive into the world of Harry Potter with this captivating walking tour of Oxford, including a visit to the famous New College. Discover the iconic Bodleian Library, which doubled as the Hogwarts Infirmary in the movies, and explore the ancient halls of one or two of Oxford’s oldest colleges. As you wander through these historic sites, engage in a fun Harry Potter quiz, learn intriguing facts about Oxford University, and discover the city’s rich literary heritage, including its connection to other beloved children’s books. Entrance fees to the Bodleian and selected colleges are included, making for a seamless and enchanting experience.

Harry Potter PUBLIC Tour + Self-Guided Christ Church Daily

For fans seeking an essential Harry Potter experience, this tour is a must. Spend your day uncovering the Oxford locations that inspired and appeared in the Harry Potter films. Marvel at Christ Church College, the real-life inspiration for the Great Hall of Hogwarts, and uncover behind-the-scenes secrets about the films, the actors, and J.K. Rowling herself. This tour combines the magic of Harry Potter with the historic splendour of Oxford, offering an unforgettable adventure.

Oxford Harry Potter Insights Entry to Divinity School PUBLIC Tour

Experience the magic of Oxford University and compare it with the fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This family-friendly tour is perfect for Muggles of all ages, offering a unique blend of Oxford heritage and Harry Potter lore. Visit the majestic Divinity School, featured as a classroom and infirmary in the films, and learn about the literary legends who walked the halls of Oxford University. With entry to the Divinity School included, this tour offers both educational and magical insights, lasting an average of 90-120 minutes.

Shared | Harry Potter Film Locations Walking Tour

Join an Oxford University alumni for a 90-minute guided walking tour through the film locations of the Harry Potter movies. This intimate experience allows you to explore sites such as the Divinity School and either New College or Christ Church College. Along the way, delve into J.K. Rowling’s relationship with Oxford and the impact it had on her writing. This tour offers a unique perspective on the intertwining of Oxford’s academic history and the magical world of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter PRIVATE Tour + Self-Guided Christ Church Daily

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world with a private 1.5-hour tour of Christ Church College, exploring the setting that inspired both Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. Avoid the queues with pre-booked tickets, and step into the world of Lewis Carroll and J.K. Rowling. Discover filming sites and learn about the authors’ connections to Oxford University. This tour offers an exclusive glimpse into the real-life locations that sparked the imagination of some of the world’s most beloved storytellers.

New College Oxford Harry Potter Insights PRIVATE TOUR Daily

Embark on a magical exploration of New College, one of Oxford’s oldest and most picturesque colleges, with a private Harry Potter tour. Test your knowledge of the wizarding world and uncover how Oxford inspired the Hogwarts School. Despite being a new listing, this tour builds on the success of existing Harry Potter Oxford tours with hundreds of 5-star reviews. Includes entry to New College and, when open, the Divinity School, providing a comprehensive experience of the magic and history of Oxford.

Whether you’re retracing the steps of Hogwarts students or uncovering the real-life inspirations behind the books and films, Oxford’s Harry Potter tours offer an unparalleled adventure into the world of magic, history, and literature. Each tour provides a unique perspective on the city’s connection to one of the most beloved series in the world, making it a must-visit destination for fans and newcomers alike.