Dance Meditation – 9th August

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These sessions give you a chance to explore collection of tools, techniques, exercises, reflections, affirmations & movements that can help you create more health, happiness and harmony in your heart & mind, body, soul and thus with others and in the surrounding world.

The dances can be guided simple steps or free dance which gives you a chance to explore your own natural ways of movement.

All the music is carefully chosen and is uplifting, healing and inspiring.

Suitable for all ages and abilities. Everyone can move at their own pace. It is a light and joyful way of releasing old energy and bringing in new thoughts & feelings into our lives. Its great for people who love to meditate yet are unable to sit too much.


Each session is unique but there is a simple structure…..

  • Welcome & Meditation
  • Warm up & Connecting with our body/breathe
  • Connecting with the Self
  • Connecting/sharing with others
  • Connecting with God, nature, the world
  • End Sitting Meditation (usually on gratitude)
  • Group sharing

Dance meditation has been created and is facilitated by Vicky Rainbow

Booking required