Where Do Millionaires Hang Out in Oxfordshire

where do millionaires hang out in oxfordshire

Oxfordshire, a county steeped in history and renowned for its academic brilliance, charming landscapes, and cultural richness, is also home to a thriving community of millionaires. In this article, we embark on a journey through the elite social circles of Oxfordshire, exploring the exclusive venues, cultural events, and luxurious hotspots that attract individuals of considerable wealth. From the opulent dining establishments where culinary excellence meets affluence to the prestigious clubs and philanthropic events that form the backdrop of high society, we delve into the question: “Where do millionaires hang out in Oxfordshire?” Join us as we unveil the tapestry of indulgence, networking, and leisure that characterizes the lifestyle of the county’s prosperous residents.


where do millionaires hang out in oxfordshire

Experiences for Millionaires

Experiences for millionaires are extravagant and luxurious, offering a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle enjoyed by the ultra-wealthy. From chartering private jets to exclusive access to high-end events and parties, these experiences cater to the desires and indulgences of the richest individuals. A millionaire can choose to sail the seas on a private yacht, stay in ultra-luxurious resorts, or even opt for personalized luxury travel packages that provide access to the most elite destinations around the world.

For millionaires seeking a unique adrenaline rush, experiences like driving exotic supercars at top speeds on renowned race tracks or taking a private helicopter tour over breath-taking landscapes are available. Additionally, luxury shopping sprees, private chef experiences, and VIP access to exclusive clubs and restaurants are among the many offerings designed to cater to the elite taste and extravagant desires of millionaires. These experiences allow millionaires to revel in the utmost luxury and create unforgettable memories that embody their status and affluence.

Exclusive Clubs and Restaurants

Upscale clubs, restaurants, and bars in Oxfordshire that are frequented by affluent individuals.

Soho Farmhouse

  • Description: A popular destination for millennials and social media influencers, Soho Farmhouse continues to attract the affluent crowd with its luxurious amenities and picturesque setting.
  • Features: Multi-faceted facilities including a bar and dining area, spa, pool, and various recreational activities.

Estelle Manor’s Eynsham Baths

  • Description: An extension of Estelle Manor, featuring a Roman spa with a tepidarium bathing hall and multiple pools. Catering to multimillionaires and fund managers.
  • Features: 108 rooms and suites, four restaurants, and luxurious spa amenities.

Luxury Events and Galas

High-profile events, galas, and social gatherings that attract the millionaire community in Oxfordshire.

Aynho Park (Gallery at Aynho Park)

  • Description: A 17th-century house transformed into an immaculate temple of luxury, housing the UK outpost of the American cult furniture brand RH (Restoration Hardware). Known for hosting lavish events and gatherings with celebrity attendees.
  • Features: Loggia restaurant, outdoor terrace, Soane-dedicated library, and meticulously curated exhibitions of furniture.

Luxury Retail and Shopping Districts

Upscale shopping districts and luxury boutiques where millionaires in Oxfordshire might indulge in high-end shopping.

Daylesford Organic

  • Description: Originally a posh farm and furniture shop, Daylesford Organic has expanded into a five-star wellness experience with pool, spa, and padel courts.
  • Features: The Club by Bamford offers a membership concept for those seeking a high-end wellness experience.

Country Clubs and Private Estates

Prestigious country clubs, golf courses, and private estates that are popular among the affluent for leisure and socialising.

Estelle Manor at Eynsham

  • Description: A decadently reimagined country club and hotel, an outlet of the blingy Mayfair members’ club Maison Estelle. Owned by Ennismore, the hospitality company behind Gleneagles.
  • Features: Maximalist adventure in texture and tactility, set in a grade II listed, 1908 neo-Jacobean hall. Membership includes access to a Roman spa and multiple dining options.

Real Estate Hotspots

Affluent neighbourhoods and areas known for luxury properties and real estate investments.

The Lakes by Yoo

  • Description: An upscale development by John Hitchcox, offering prefabricated wooden homes and a resort-like experience on 850 acres. Known for attracting “cash-rich, time-poor” clientele.
  • Features: A variety of high-end properties, a brand-new project called Cotswolds Waters, and notable collaborations with celebrities for home designs.

Outdoor and Recreational Pursuits

Outdoor activities, sports clubs, and recreational pursuits favoured by the wealthy in Oxfordshire.

Kirtlington Park Polo Club

  • Description: Situated in the scenic Oxfordshire countryside, Kirtlington Park Polo Club is known for its polo events and attracts a discerning audience.
  • Features: Polo matches, luxury hospitality, and a sophisticated atmosphere make it appealing to those with a taste for equestrian sports.

Burford Golf Club

  • Description: Burford Golf Club offers a high-quality golfing experience in the heart of the Cotswolds, attracting golf enthusiasts seeking a premium course.
  • Features: Championship-standard golf course, beautiful surroundings, and a clubhouse with excellent amenities.

Oxfordshire Golf Club

  • Description: Situated near Thame, the Oxfordshire Golf Club is known for its championship golf course and upscale facilities.
  • Features: A challenging golf course, professional coaching, and a luxurious clubhouse contribute to its appeal among golf aficionados.

Hinksey Heights Golf Club:

  • Description: Hinksey Heights Golf Club, overlooking Oxford, offers panoramic views and a well-regarded golfing experience.
  • Features: A championship golf course, modern facilities, and a restaurant with scenic views make it an attractive choice for affluent golfers.

Entrepreneurial Hubs

Business and entrepreneurial hubs where successful individuals in Oxfordshire may collaborate or share insights.

Oxford Centre for Innovation (OCFI)

  • Description: Located in the heart of Oxford, OCFI is a dynamic business centre that provides office space, meeting rooms, and support services for innovative and knowledge-based companies.
  • Features: Networking events, business support programs, and a collaborative environment for technology and science-driven enterprises.

Venturefest Oxford

  • Description: Venturefest Oxford is an annual event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators to showcase cutting-edge technologies, exchange ideas, and explore business opportunities.
  • Features: Pitching sessions, panel discussions, and exhibitions make it a hub for collaboration and idea-sharing.

The Oxford Foundry

  • Description: Affiliated with the University of Oxford, The Oxford Foundry is a space dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. It offers programs, events, and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Features: Incubator programs, workshops, and a supportive community for individuals looking to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Oxford Science Park

  • Description: A prominent science and technology park, Oxford Science Park is a hub for businesses in the science, technology, and healthcare sectors. It provides office and laboratory spaces for companies at various stages of development.
  • Features: Networking events, access to research facilities, and collaboration opportunities with other science-focused enterprises.

Harwell Campus

  • Description: Harwell Campus, located near Didcot, is a science and innovation campus that houses a diverse range of businesses, including those in space, life sciences, and energy sectors.
  • Features: Collaborative workspaces, networking events, and access to research facilities contribute to a thriving environment for innovation.

Oxford BioEscalator

  • Description: Focused on the life sciences sector, the Oxford BioEscalator is an innovation centre that supports early-stage bioventures. It provides facilities and resources to accelerate the development of life sciences innovations.
  • Features: Laboratory spaces, business support, and a network of experts in the life sciences industry.

The Wood Centre for Innovation

  • Description: Situated on Stansfeld Park, The Wood Centre for Innovation offers flexible office and laboratory spaces for science and technology companies. It aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Features: State-of-the-art facilities, networking events, and access to a vibrant community of innovators.

Travel and Leisure Preferences

Travel destinations and leisure activities that millionaires from Oxfordshire commonly engage in.

International Luxury Travel

  • Destinations: Millionaires from Oxfordshire often indulge in international travel to exclusive destinations. This may include luxury resorts in the Maldives, private villas in the Caribbean, or cultural escapes to iconic cities like Paris, Rome, or Tokyo.


Cotswolds Retreats

  • Description: The Cotswolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offers serene retreats for affluent individuals seeking a break from city life.
  • Activities: Private estate stays, spa retreats, and countryside activities such as hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, and gourmet dining in picturesque villages.

Yachting and Sailing

  • Destinations: Millionaires often charter yachts to explore exclusive destinations like the French Riviera, Amalfi Coast, or the Greek Islands.
  • Activities: Sailing in luxury, enjoying onboard amenities, and exploring pristine coastlines and secluded anchorages.

Adventure Travel

  • Destinations: Some affluent individuals seek adventure in destinations like Patagonia, Antarctica, or the African safari.
  • Activities: Luxury adventure travel, including helicopter tours, hot air ballooning, and private guided safaris, provides a unique and thrilling experience.

Wellness Retreats

  • Retreats: Health and wellness retreats are popular among millionaires, offering a balance of relaxation, spa treatments, and fitness activities.
  • Locations: Exotic wellness destinations, such as Bali, Costa Rica, or the Swiss Alps, provide a tranquil escape.

Exclusive Cultural Experiences

  • Events: Attending exclusive cultural events, art exhibitions, and performances at renowned venues like the Royal Opera House or the West End in London.
  • Private Tours: Private art gallery tours, backstage access, and curated cultural experiences tailored to their interests.

As we draw the curtain on our exploration of Oxfordshire’s millionaire haunts, it becomes evident that the county’s allure extends far beyond its historical landmarks and academic prestige. Through the lens of affluent social life, we’ve witnessed the fusion of sophistication, culture, and philanthropy that defines the experiences of millionaires in this charming region. From the exclusive venues where business deals are forged to the cultural events that celebrate the arts, Oxfordshire stands as a testament to the diverse pursuits and interests of its prosperous inhabitants. While these insights provide a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle, it is essential to appreciate the varied contributions of the millionaire community, not only as patrons of luxury but as active participants in the cultural, economic, and philanthropic tapestry that makes Oxfordshire a truly remarkable place to live.