The Diverse Landscape of Yoga in Oxford: A Comprehensive Guide

yoga in oxford

Yoga enthusiasts in Oxford have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the perfect yoga practice that aligns with their preferences and goals. From traditional styles to innovative and niche approaches, the yoga scene in Oxford offers something for everyone. Let’s delve into the different types of yoga classes available across the city and its surrounding areas.

Acro Yoga

Experience the dynamic fusion of acrobatics and yoga with Acro Yoga classes in Oxford. These sessions are organised by British Acrobatics and they focus on strength, balance, and teamwork, providing a unique and exhilarating way to practice yoga.

Aerial Yoga

Elevate your yoga practice, literally, with Aerial Yoga. Classes organised by Grace & Gravity, introduce practitioners to the benefits of yoga suspended in hammocks, combining traditional poses with the support of the aerial apparatus.

Puppy Yoga

Unleash your inner animal with Puppy Yoga classes in Oxfordshire. This playful and creative style organised by PawsideUK, incorporates movements inspired by various puppies, promoting flexibility and a sense of fun in your practice. PawsideUK are London based but they travel to Oxford almost every other week. It’s becoming their second home!

Antenatal and Prenatal Yoga

Tailored for expectant mothers, Antenatal and Prenatal Yoga classes organised by Steph McGee Hypnotherapy, provide a nurturing environment to support physical well-being and relaxation during pregnancy. Steph is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps couples struggling with fertility, IBS sufferers and sportspeople with the yips – She loves loves calling it Babies, Bellies & Balls!

I’m also an astonishingly good trauma therapist.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga, a dynamic and vigorous style, has a strong presence in Oxford, with classes available in East Oxford, Oxford city, and the broader Oxfordshire area, including sessions led by Mariella De Martini.

Dru Yoga in Oxford

Discover the flowing and graceful movements of Dru Yoga in Oxford. These classes organised by Louise Dennis Yoga, emphasise gentleness, helping participants to find balance and tranquillity in their practice.





Family Yoga

Nurture family bonds with Family Yoga classes in Oxford organised by Bloom with Daisy Yoga, where parents and children can enjoy a shared yoga experience, promoting well-being for the whole family.

Goat Yoga

Embrace the joy of Goat Yoga, a trend that has taken root in Oxfordshire. Practise alongside adorable goats, adding a delightful and unexpected element to your yoga session.







This is just the beginning of the diverse yoga landscape in Oxford. From Puppy Yoga to Restorative Yoga, and from Yoga Classes in Abingdon to Yoga in Schools, the options are vast. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, Oxford provides a rich tapestry of yoga practices to explore and integrate into your wellness journey. Consider trying a variety of classes to discover the style that resonates most with you, and let the vibrant yoga community in Oxford guide you towards enhanced physical and mental well-being.

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