Truck Festival 2024 – 26th-28th July

Truck Festival, “the Godfather of the small festival scene”, is one of the UK’s longest running and most popular small festivals.

26th-28th July 2024

The Oxford Festival, known to many as Truck Festival, stands as a distinguished and beloved event within the UK’s festival landscape. Nestled in the scenic Oxfordshire countryside, it has been a launchpad for emerging musical talent since 1998. The festival’s picturesque location, coupled with its rich history of spotlighting premier artists, renders it an essential destination for music lovers.

The anticipation surrounding the Truck Festival line up each year is palpable, showcasing a broad spectrum of talent across various musical genres. This element alone attracts a wide audience, eager to experience the dynamic performances.

Truckfest Oxford, celebrated for its vibrant contribution to the local cultural scene, draws attendees from both local and distant locales. Its significance is marked by its ability to foster connections among communities, schools, and cultural groups, enhancing the regional cultural fabric.

The festival’s deep roots in Oxford’s lively music scene have cemented its status as a cherished event. It not only offers a platform for diverse musical expressions but also stands as a testament to Oxford’s enduring cultural vitality.

Engagement opportunities abound, with the festival inviting participation in its procession, performances, and various organizational roles. This inclusivity amplifies its appeal, ensuring a rich and varied experience for all involved.

As the festival approaches on the 26th of July, excitement builds for what promises to be an unforgettable gathering of music aficionados. The Truck Festival, with its blend of new and seasoned artists against the backdrop of Oxfordshire’s natural beauty, continues to be a pivotal highlight in the UK’s cultural calendar.

Truck Festival Line Up


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