This week at Inner Space Oxford

Inner Space Oxford

This week at Inner Space Oxford

Using Spiritual Powers – A Workshop for Women –  – 

Our spiritual powers are inner powers that we can emerge, nurture, sustain and grow through a regular practice of self-reflection and meditation. When awakened those powers deeply recharge the self and allow us to easily sail through life’s challenges.

Come and join us to explore your spiritual powers.

Booking required. 


Friday Talk-What are you putting up with? –  – 

What are you putting up with? Red queens? White Rabbits with watches? Sleeping dormice? Or yourself…?

A series of talks designed to give us an insight into the source of our ‘lower’ natures and take us nearer our truth, which is that all are beings of the highest calibre….


Cooking with a Higher Consciousness – Workshop –  – 

When we cook we are, of course, conscious in terms being active in the process, but there can be very different agendas behind our attitude to food in general and cooking in particular. This includes our fundamental values which emerge into every aspect of the way we perform consciously.

Consciousness, or awareness, is very important in the sattvic diet, the  chosen diet of a Raja Yogi. The word sattvic is Sanskrit and means true and pure.

Our bodies are made of matter, physical elements, so our aligning of truth and purity to our journey is a good beginning.

We look forward to your joining us as we describe all this and guess what, we will provide some samples to try!

Veni  Shah has been involved in these principles for most of her life and Rosemary Turner came to them a dozen or so years ago, after which she has been cooking for many in our centres both here and in Europe.

Booking is required.