Things to do in Oxford with Toddlers

Oxford offers several family-friendly activities suitable for toddlers. Here are some suggestions:

1. Pitt Rivers Museum:

  • The Pitt Rivers Museum has a fascinating collection of artifacts from around the world. While some displays may be more suitable for older children, toddlers might enjoy exploring the intriguing objects.

Pitt Rivers Museum

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2. Oxford University Parks:

  • Take a stroll in the Oxford University Parks. The open spaces and beautiful landscapes provide a great environment for toddlers to play and run around.

The Oxford University Park

3. Botanic Garden:

  • The University of Oxford Botanic Garden is a lovely place for a leisurely walk with toddlers. They can enjoy the vibrant colours of flowers and explore the different themed gardens.

Botanic Garden

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4. Story Museum:

  • The Story Museum often hosts interactive exhibitions and storytelling events suitable for young children. Check their schedule for toddler-friendly activities.

5. Natural History Museum:

  • While parts of the Natural History Museum may be more suitable for older children, the dinosaur exhibits and the “Pitt Rivers for Young Explorers” backpacks make it a potentially interesting visit for toddlers.

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6. Cutteslowe Park:

  • Cutteslowe Park is a large park with playgrounds, a miniature railway, and open spaces for picnics. It’s a great place for toddlers to have some outdoor fun.

Cutteslowe & Sunnymead Park

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7. Oxfordshire Science Festival:

  • Depending on the time of year, you might catch events from the Oxfordshire Science Festival. They often have interactive exhibits and activities suitable for young children.

8. Oxford Castle and Prison:

  • While some parts of Oxford Castle might be more suitable for older children, the outdoor courtyard and parts of the castle are open for exploration. Check for any family-friendly events or tours.

9. Outdoor Play Areas:

  • Explore local parks and playgrounds. Florence Park and Hinksey Park, for example, have play areas suitable for toddlers.

10. Thames Path and River Cruises:

  • Take a gentle stroll along the Thames Path, or consider a short river cruise if weather permits. It can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both toddlers and parents.