Unleash Your Inner Poet: Join the Poetry of Science Competition for Young Writers

Discover the exciting world of science and poetry with the Poetry of Science competition, an enriching opportunity for budding poets aged 5-16 to showcase their creativity and passion for both science and literature.

Why Participate in the Poetry of Science Competition?

Young poets have the chance to explore the fascinating intersection of science and poetry, allowing them to express their thoughts and imagination in unique and creative ways. With no entry fee, this competition provides a platform for young talents to shine and be recognized in the literary and scientific communities.

How to Enter the Poetry of Science Competition

Participants can easily submit their entries online, making it accessible and convenient for young poets and their parents or guardians. The submission process is straightforward, encouraging more young writers to participate and share their poetic talents.

Submit your Entries

Benefits of Engaging in the Poetry of Science Competition

By participating in this competition, young poets can enhance their writing skills, nurture their interest in science, and gain valuable experience in expressing complex scientific concepts through the art of poetry. Additionally, winners will have the opportunity to be recognized by esteemed judges and receive recognition for their exceptional work.

The Poetry of Science competition offers a unique and stimulating opportunity for young poets to explore the world of science through the lens of poetry. By participating, they can not only unleash their creativity but also inspire others with their innovative perspectives on scientific concepts. Join this exciting event and let your poetic imagination soar!