VR Team Building Competitions

Capture the magic of an immersive VR experience that involves everyone in the room by utilising a friendly but competitive vibe with our VR Team Building Competition.


This experience can be delivered to locations in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties.


From £42+VAT per person


Approx. 150 mins.


4 – 12 participants


With our VR team building competition teams go up against one another by playing a series of VR games that will enhance there communication skills, improve teamwork and foster friendly competition.

Virtual reality headsets offer an unforgettable experience, it doesn’t matter if you have never tried on a VR headset before, the moment you do your mind will be opened to the magnitude of the possibilities.

On the day our VR hosts will turn up, set up and provide all technical support you need. We have an epic selection of games that are hilarious, competitive and fast paced, before your event we will ask you to set yourself up in teams so you can just have some fun!

We will usually play between four and five virtual reality experiences depending on team sizes and the number of VR stations.

Working together in a friendly but competitive environment each round will have points gained by each team culminating in an event presentation where the winners will be announced and a trophy presented.

Space / Venue Requirements

We will need space to play (at least 2x2m per station so for 7-12 people we will need at least 4mx2.5m of playing space) and further space for the other guys to watch the action so a large meeting room will usually suffice. Often for larger groups the space for the people to watch is a larger space consideration.

A good sized TV screen to see the action live, at least 2-4 plug sockets and good WIFI. We have access to two TV’s and can bring these along if required.

We usually come to your offices and host at a large meeting room or conference room or if required your off site facility.

If you don’t have your own venue we can source one at an additional cost for your event as we work with many great venues around Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.

Included in the Experience

  • Two event coordinators
  • Two VR stations (max six participants per station)
  • Event training and safety briefing
  • Two hours of gameplay
  • Licenced VR software
  • Pre-event project management
  • Our travel to and from your event (within 50 miles of Oxford, 0.65p per mile outside of this range)
  • On-site event management
  • Public liability insurance

Important Information

We will need space to play so if you provide your own venue and we are unable to run your activity due to health and safety (above requirements not met) there will unfortunately be no refund so please check with us first if you have any doubt on the venue you are providing.

Price per participant depends on a minimum group size being paid for which is eight participants. This event can be run with as few as four participants.

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VR Team Building Competition