Smart Fences

If your house is your Castle, then you need long lasting, safe, stylish fence and gates.


Fences made from zinc plated steel are very reliable, stylish, long lasting and most important maintenance free solution, compared to old traditional wooden fence panels or feather board fences.

For the coming years, specialists have a clear vision, that mostly zinc plated steel fences will be chosen for covering front and back gardens.

In this article, specialists from manufacturer of zinc plated steel SMART FENCES LTD will explain, what should be considered and looked at before installing new fence in your old or newly build property.


“First, people looking to install new or update old fence need to understand, that fence will be standing for many years, not just 3-5 years. Also, they need to answer another important question – does fence need to serve owner or owner will be slave every year changing damaged, rotten panels, painting fence and updating it regularly” – says Lina Z Managing Director from SMART FENCES.


Manufacturer SMART FENCES uses only highest quality Swedish and German zinc plated steel covered with two coats of coloured polyester.

Zinc plated steel fences are not rusting, waterproof, not afraid of temperature differences, reflect ultraviolet rays and these are qualities – wooden fences don’t have.


Aesthetics and long lasting peace


Being manufactured from quality materials and having no impact from the environment, fences made by SMART FENCES will stay unchanged and maintenance free for years, that is why owners and neighbours will be able to enjoy same view.


Wooden or metal posts


Very important aspect of fence is posts – SMART FENCES use zinc coated steel posts and then powder coat with the required colour instead of wooden posts. They last for ages and will stay strong even after storms or strong winds. They will not rotten and you will not need to change them.


We use special clips for concrete kick boards, if your garden, plot of land requires levelling. They will not rotten, bend and change appearance over the years.


Entrance and side gates


SMART FENCES manufacture manual and automated gates, so fence, gates and side gates match together. Our engineers will install latest design automated system, so you can control with remote control or from your phone by downloading app.


Fence parts come in most RAL colours, so you can match your house façade, windows, doors and even walls, if you wish.


Installation process is not complicated and your fence will be installed within few days or weeks depending on size.


Having few designs to choose from, you can create design you like. SMART FENCES manufacture vertical and horizontal fences and their parts, so you can be different and unique with your fence.


The most important question will be asked – “How much it costs?” The answer is very simple, spend your precious time relaxing, drinking tea or coffee, reading, playing with kids, being safe, enjoying aesthetic view, but not looking after, painting and fixing your fences!


Taking everything in consideration, installing zinc plated steel fences from SMART FENCES will be clever, stylish, safe investment for many years.