Joe Perks – Small Plates

Small Plates are The Future!

You may have noticed that some of the What’s On In Oxford team were at Joe Perks last night!

We were posting pictures of our delicious food and delightful cocktails on Facebook and Twitter.

Joe Perks specialise in Small Plates, the idea being that you buy a few and #share. I wasn’t sure that small plates would be enough to satisfy our appetites, we are pretty big eaters here at What’s On In Oxford!

We ordered the chicken wings, the Cod, the pork and the roast potatoes. The chicken wings came down first (your food is brought to you as soon as it’s ready, which works much better than you’d think) and they were nothing short of amazing! Definitely the BEST Chicken Wings I have ever tasted. I am not exaggerating here, the flavours were incredible, this chef knows what he is doing. If you like Chicken Wings get yourself to Joe Perks ASAP and order a portion (or two) of these bad boys, you will not be disappointed.

Next up was the Cod, new on the menu as of yesterday (Stuart, the Manager, told us that they will be changing the menu slightly on a regular basis to keep it fresh and exciting – I just hope the chicken wings are a permanent fixture!), it was a big, chunky piece of Cod, and it was cooked to absolute perfection. (The picture doesn’t do it justice as we had started eating it before I remembered I wanted a pic!) I genuinely can not remember having better fish. At this point I was wondering how things could get any better. And that’s when the Pork was brought to our table! Melt in the mouth deliciousness. The potatoes were the perfect companion to the other dishes, giving us a little carb hit.

To conclude, the small plates were tremendous. I couldn’t pick fault with any of the dishes we tried. And I can not wait to go back for more! I was also surprised at just how filling they were, Joe Perks do not scrimp on the portion sizes, they are called small plates, but you get more than your money’s worth. #sharingiscaring


As if that wasn’t enough… Let’s talk cocktails. Wow! We thought it would be rude not to try as many as we could, and we are not rude.

Now, I think I’ve got the right names against the correct cocktails, but my memory is a little hazy so if anyone wants to correct me, please do!

All of the cocktails were expertly made and tasted delicious. The stand out ones for me were probably the Espresso Martini which was smooth with a really tasty coffee flavour, I also really enjoyed the Rickey Richardson, I started my evening with this and would have quite happily stayed with it all evening, if it weren’t for that fact we were trying not to be rude, and try as many as we could! 😉

All in all, it was a great night, the staff are brilliant, really attentive and know what they are doing, Chef makes awesome food, the bar staff make incredible cocktails, and if you want to know anything about Joe Perks (including who Joe Perks is!!) just ask Stuart, he can tell you what ingredients are in your food and how chef’s made it, he’ll make you up a bespoke cocktail (as will the bar staff) and generally make sure you are happy and have everything you need) Joe Perks has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and if you get there early for happy hour, which lasts for 2 and a half hours – 4.30-7pm daily!, you can grab yourself a super comfy seat and order your small plates and cocktails at crazy low prices.

We finished the night with a Skull Cocktail


Which I was told had 7 shots of tequila in it!! And then washed it all down with a Pickleback.

According to the menu, Vladimir Putin drinks pickle brine after a heavy session to cure him of any alcohol-related headaches. So we had our Pickleback which is a shot of Early Times American Whiskey followed by a shot of Pickle Brine. Interesting flavour the Pickle Brine… Can’t deny that I didn’t have a headache this morning though!

Well, if it’s good enough for Putin…

If you were in any doubt about where to go in Oxford this weekend (and any other weekend or evening) I strongly suggest you give Joe Perks a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

P.S Don’t forget to try the Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings - Korean Hot Sauce - Toasted Sesame

Chicken Wings – Korean Hot Sauce – Toasted Sesame