The Beauty Lodge in Southmoor has spoiled me this morning! I left over 3 hours ago and I am still incredibly relaxed!


It’s a quirky little place, situated in a cul-de-sac. When you get there you walk under the Arch and through the garden gate, and then you see the Lodge (and two of the cutest little dogs I have ever seen! If you are not a dog fan, just call and let them know and they will put them in the house). It’s a lovely location, and the Lodge itself is super shabby chic and a very calming place.

It is relaxing and calming, but not uptight, the ladies are lovely, and great to talk to.

I started with a pedicure, a really really good pedicure. This was no rush job, time was taken to do the job properly. My feet are super soft and thoroughly massaged. And, my toenails are sparkly!


Next, I had a facial, I had some skin complaints (dry patches) so told my therapist, who said she would do her best to sort it. And, it’s sorted! Can’t ask for more than that. But I got more than that!

I was treated to a 24k gold collagen face mask. I may have looked like one of Iron Mans mates, but it felt good. Initially, it felt like jelly was being placed on my skin, but once in place, it was lovely. And ridiculously relaxing, I very nearly fell asleep several times! goldI have not felt this relaxed and well pampered in years, and I cannot wait to go back.

The Beauty Lodge have great reviews for their Lash extensions, I think that shall be my next treat