Oxfordshire Projects We’re Backing

Dive into the dynamic world of Oxfordshire, where innovation knows no bounds. Discover the diverse array of projects that we proudly support, each embodying the essence of progress and excellence. From cutting-edge startups to community-driven initiatives, we stand behind ventures that redefine the future. Join us on a journey through the impactful projects shaping Oxfordshire’s landscape and beyond.

Prime Matter Podcast

Embark on an intellectual adventure with Laurel and Rebekah, the dynamic duo behind the Prime Matter Podcast. Armed with degrees in everything from astrophysics to science and religion, these Oxford pals delve into the realms of Immortality, Fashion, and Desire. Their journey began at the University of Oxford in 2019, where a shared love for deep conversations on culture, ethics, and the universe blossomed. Fuelled by dark chocolate and red wine, their discussions now take the form of a captivating weekly podcast. With Laurel’s unique blend of astrophysics and medicine and Rebekah’s expertise in science and religion, they promise to tackle Big Questions, accompanied by stellar guests ranging from anthropologists to cancer researchers. Join them on this cosmic journey by supporting their Kickstarter campaign for the equipment, editing, and finesse needed to bring this extraordinary podcast to life. Don’t miss the chance to be part of something truly out of this world!


A Book of Noises

Celebrate the success of A Book of Noises with us! Following the stellar reception of the print edition in the UK and US in autumn 2023, we’re eager to bring you an enchanting audio version. Our outstanding reviews speak volumes, and now, we invite you to be part of the audiobook journey. Pledge £20 or more to secure your ‘free’ copy and extend a huge thanks from us. Every contribution counts, and with a funding target of £2,000 by 7 January 2024, we’ll record in a professional Oxford studio. The preface, beautifully narrated by Cerys Matthews, sets the tone for an audiobook soon to grace major platforms. Let’s make this a reality together!