Oxford’s Christmas Light Festival

This year’s Christmas Light festival is back and it takes place between 17 – 19 November

Share an exciting weekend of illuminations, installations and craft with friends and family. Find your local hub and get involved.

Enjoy creative workshops, performances, exhibitions, music and markets as lights pop-up all over the city in a joyous celebration. Follow trails and parades in the city and your local area. Make lanterns or displays and light up your neighbourhood. Watch shows, interact with installations, visit traditional markets for unique gifts and make memories with friends.

What’s on – Friday 17th November

Light Projection at the Radcliffe

When: 6.00 – 10:00pm


Extraordinary light and sound artwork projected onto the original 3-storey Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford.

Creative artists Ross Ashton and Karen Monid from Projection Studio to Illuminate the building and bring the story to life.

The original project idea was brought together by Dr Victoria McGuinness (Humanities Division), and in collaboration with Tasha Patel (Creative Industries Officer).

Whats on – Saturday 18th November

Lanterns and Lasers

When: 1.00 – 17:30pm

Where: The Glow Gallery

In partnership with IF Oxford, and use lasers, LEDs and phosphorescent boards to capture the essence of science and light in a playful and creative spectroscopic exhibition created by visitors. Suitable for ages 7– 12, teenagers and adults.

Lots of crafts to make including lanterns, light owls and torchlight illusions. Suitable for ages 4-8. Parents are very encouraged to get just as crafty!

Whats On – Sunday 19th November

Stories of Barton

When: 11.00 – 15:00pm

Where: Barton Neighbourhood Centre

Share your experiences of living in Barton including stories passed down through generations.

Some of the events take place on more than one day of the Christmas Light Festival so make sure you take a good look through the list to make sure you don’t miss anything!

There’s so much to see!