Onfido’s Decade of Trust and Innovation – Oxfordshire Triumphs


🎉 Celebrating 11 Years of Trust and Innovation in Oxfordshire

In the heart of Oxford, a success story has been quietly unfolding over the last decade. Onfido, pronounced ‘on-fee-doh’, has evolved from a local start-up into a global force, with 650+ dedicated Onfidoers across the world. As we launch our Oxfordshire Triumphs success story series, what better way to kick it off than by delving into Onfido’s journey of trust and innovation?

🚀 Local Roots, Global Impact (2012-2015)

Founded by three friends, Husayn, Eamon, and Ruhul, who met at Oxford University, Onfido’s journey began in 2012. Their vision was to broaden access to online services by making identity verification more accessible. With initial seed funding of $30,000 from Saïd Business School, they embarked on a mission to build an ID Record Verification solution. The trio moved into their first office in Paddington, laying the foundations for what would become a global success story.

🌍 Putting Oxford on the Map (2012-2015)

Born in Oxford, Onfido echoes the spirit of the city. As we feature this local triumph, we invite businesses in Oxfordshire to align with this global success. Your story can be part of this journey as we showcase the best of our local community.

🚀 Innovation Beyond Boundaries (2016-2020)

The years 2016 to 2020 marked a period of innovation and growth for Onfido. They brought their document and biometric verification solution to market, opened their first U.S. office in San Francisco, and introduced biometric video liveness technology. The U.S. saw a surge in sales growth, showcasing Onfido’s global impact.

🌐 Global Triumphs, Local Opportunities (2021-2023)

Surpassing $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR), Onfido continued to redefine digital identity. With the launch of the Real Identity Platform and the acquisition of Airside, the company is set to transform digital identity to be shareable and user-controlled. This success is not just theirs; it’s an opportunity for local businesses to be part of the journey.

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