Christmas Adverts 2017

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Christmas Adverts – Love them or hate them, they’re here!

John Lewis have kicked off the festivities with the lovable Moz The Monster.

I say lovable, but of course there have been the usual negative comments showing themselves across social media. I watched the advert for the first time with my 7 year old son, and he loved it, so its a winner for me.

Aldi have gone for the humorous love story this year, with another lead role from Kevin the Carrot.

My favourite line from the advert is ‘I think I’ve just Pea’d myself‘.

I think I would have laughed at this regardless, but the belly chuckle from my son made it even more enjoyable.

Marks and Spencer’s advert features the wonderful Paddington Bear.

Paddington is snuggled in his bed dreaming of marmalade when he is awoken by ‘Santa’.

This is the start of a midnight adventure with a sleigh ride along the way.

A beautiful tale of Christmas spirit.


Boots are hoping for a thoughtful Christmas this year.

“It’s about old memories and the new ones you’re yet to make. It’s about the secrets you’ve shared and the laughs you won’t forget. Most of all, it’s about finding the perfect gift to really show them you know them.”

TK Maxx are promising a white Christmas!

And they will deliver. If you are lucky enough to pick up an exclusive snow globe, in store or online from November 17th!

Argos are advertising their fast track service with the Elves making sure your presents are on board and ready for delivery! #ReadyForTakeOff

Morrisons, Morrisons, Morrisons.

This was particularly special to me. My son has food allergies and intolerance’s so this advert stands out for me. I love it. #EveryonesIncluded

House of Fraser want to ‘Bring Merry Back’ this year.

Their request to you this Christmas is ‘That you throw out the rule book, that you leave behind the endless to-do lists and last-minute worries and let yourself have a little more fun. This year, make sure you bring merry back.

Christmas – it’s magical, fun and super-busy all at the same time! Find the value in every festive moment with us… #MatalanMoment